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Welcome to my homepage in English. Since some information is more relevant for people from other countries than other info, here is a special version for those who don't read Dutch (too well?), rather than a step by step translation of the Dutch version.

A brief introduction:

I am Henk and I live in the village of Sexbierum (Dutch for: SEX-BEER-RUM), located in the north of the Netherlands: the provence of Friesland. I'm employed by the Royal Netherlands Navy as a technician.


One of my hobbies is programming computers. Raised with Tandy's Basic for TRS-80 and Z80 machine language I later also picked up Pascal (UCSD). Since five years I use PowerBASIC, a modern high level Basic-dialect with everything I need included in it. Just have a look at their site and I bet you will become as enthousiastic as I am about this compiler. One very good thing about this Basic dialect: it is still alive!!!! Almost every month new products and add-ons come out! So take a look at: PowerBASIC

Going wireless

Another great hobby is: radio-amateurism. As PA3BLP I have been active since 1981 (before as PE1FCX on 2 meters). During this time I have spoken to thousends of other hams. Up to a year ago I used a paper logbook (as required by goverment in NL), but since then I also use a computer program that does the hard work for me: gathering details, automated entry of QTH locators, Region numbers, QSL-post administration and so on . . . ..

The good news is: you can get a demo copy from me for free!!!!
Just download it from the download page: DOWNLOAD PAGE. There are versions in English, Spanish (coming up any time now) and Dutch. Or just send a email to logbook@planet.nl  with contents 'please demo'. Soon also available in German and French!!!!

A small description of the program is given on Logbook details

Family history of Broekhuizen

A long time ago I did gather some info about my descent, starting around 1800. Unfortunately this information was lost due to much moving around. Right now I only have information about my father, my grandfather and some info about my great-grandfather. That guy, Gesewinus Broekhuizen moved to the USA around 1900, leaving my grandfather Hendrik Broekhuizen (I) with the local milkman. Take a look at the pedigree.

By looking through mainly internet info I gathered a lot of info about the Broekhuizen family-name, both from Dutch archives and US-archives. One site, www.FamilyHistory.com gave a lot of info about strings of Broekhuizen family-lines, both none connected to me. But if your a Broekhuizen family-name bearer you might be interested in these strings. Most of them are from the 18th and 19th century. Just email a name (both Christian and Family name) and I will see what I've got. Update: my sister Carla did a lot of research and has our family tree down to the 16oo's complete in view.


Information about the Netherlands, Holland and Friesland

A lot of people I've met during travel are always wondering about things from the Netherlands: did someone really put his thumb in the dike? Is Copenhagen really the capital city of Holland? Is everybody in Holland living in windmills and are they walking on wooden shoes? Read all about it: click here for more!!! Not suitable for easily offended people and narrow-minded people. But wanna learn about Holland: just read and learn.


Language and related issues

One of the interesting things about this world is the many languages spoken. More about languages later, but first a list of about 'I love you' in about 1000 different languages


The weather right now in Sexbierum


Other hobbies

These include motorcycling on heavy two-cylinder motorcycles like a Harley Davidson (1981 Late Shovel Electra Glide 1340cc/80 c.i.). I used to drive a Honda Shadow 1100C, but as soons as someone passes by who wants to buy it for a fair price it will be sold.


Both for my boss and by private initiative I have traveled a lot through mainly Europe and the USA. Other parts of the world are also on my to-do list but time,time,time is mainly a problem. Luckily enough I have made friend around the globe, from the southern areas like Chili and Argentina, to the northern regions like Finland and Canada, with much in between. Sometime by visiting their country, but sometimes also because of meeting them somewhere in my area, or a combination. I feel privileged to have so many friends around the world (not counting FB-only friends ).

More will be added later.

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